Rilis Tiny Core Linux 2.11

Robert Shingledecker mengumumkan rilis Tiny Core Linux 2.11, distribusi Linux minimalis yang berukuran 10MB: Team Tiny Core is pleased to announce Tiny Core Linux 2.11. The major theme for this release is the adoption of the standard. Our implementation provides better support of modern desktop environments while still supporting legacy window managers. Also new … Read more

Rilis Tiny Core Linux 2.9

Robert Shingledecker telah merilis Tiny Core Linux 2.9, distro Linux minmalis yang hanya berukuram 10 MB : Tiny Core Linux 2.9 is now posted. Change log: upgraded udev to 151 with several rule adjustments and new rules added; updated libstdc++ 6.0.9 to support exceptions; updated glibc 2.9 to support i486; updated wbar – eliminated background … Read more