Rilis PC/OS 10.1.1

Roberto Dohnert mengumumkan rilis PC/OS 10.1.1, rilis update perbaikan bug untuk distribusi berbasis Ubuntu ini: We are pleased to announce the delivery of PC/OS OpenWorkstation 10.1.1 PC/OS GNOME 10.1.1 as well as PC/OS WebStation 10.1.1. With this release we bring many bug fixes and enhancements to the platform. This release is a bug fix and … Read more

Rilis PC/OS 2009.3

Roberto J. Dohnert mengumumkan rilis PC/OS 2009.3, distribusi linux desktop berbasis xubuntu: “PC/OS 2009.3 has been released to the general public. This release fixes many of the hardware issues that users had with PC/OS 2009v2 series. With this release we went ahead and installed all updates so all security updates since PC/OS maintenance pack 3 … Read more