Rilis Parted Magic 4.11

Patrick Verner mengumumkan rilis Parted Magic 4.11, distribusi Linux Live CD dengan berbagai macam utiliti penyelamatan data dan piranti manajemen disk: Parted Magic 4.11. This version of Parted Magic updates FSArchiver 0.6.10, gDisk 0.6.7, LFTP 4.0.7, OpenSSH 5.5p1, Chromium 6.0.424.0, Linux kernel, Parted 2.3, NTFS-3G 2010.5.22, syslinux 3.86, udev 157. Xarchiver was removed in … Read more

Rilis Parted Magic 4.10

Patrick Verner mengumumkan rilis Parted Magic 4.10, Live CD yang berisi utility untuk penyelamatan data dan manajemen disk: Parted Magic 4.10 updates grep to 2.6.3, BusyBox to 1.16.1, SimpleBurn to 1.5.0, sshfs-fuse to 2.2, Linux kernel to There are a few new programs as well: EncFS 1.5.2, GEncFS 1.0.0, GSSHFS 1.0.0, RLog 1.4, UNetbootin … Read more

Rilis Parted Magic 4.9

Patrick Verner telah mengumumkan rilis Parted Magic 4.9, distribusi Live CD/USB minimalis berbasis Linux dengan berbagai macam koleksi utiliti partisi hard disk dan penyelamatan data : Parted Magic 4.9. Although this is mostly a bug-fix release, some other major changes were made. People didn’t like that we were using Chrome, so we switched to Chromium. … Read more