Rilis Untangle Gateway 7.2

Untangle 7.2, sebuah distribusi linux untuk gateway jaringan berbasi Debian GNU/Linux dengan modul yang mudah dipasang untuk applikasi jaringan telah dirilis: We are pleased to announce general availability of Untangle 7.2. Our latest version includes a new free application for Internet access control, as well as a host of enhanced features and improvements.” These include … Read more

Rilis Vyatta 6.0

Vyatta mengumumkan rilis Vyatta 6.0, sebuah distribusi berbasis Debian untuk firewall dan router. Vyatta today announced Vyatta 6.0, the latest release of the company’s open network operating system containing complete routing and network security software. Vyatta version 6.0 includes the new Vyatta Remote Access API which enables customers to control Vyatta systems using in-house and … Read more

Rilis PureOS 2.0

Marc Poirette mengumumkan rilis PureOS 2.0, distribusi Linux Live CD berbasis Debian yang menyajikan desktop KDE 4: PureOS 2.0 2010 is available, it’s built with the Linux-Live scripts 6.2.9. What’s new? Linux kernel 2.6.33 with Squashfs 3.4 and LZMA; KDE 4.3.4, Iceweasel 3.5.8 with Strata aero theme and Icedove with Lightning 0.9; 3.2.0 … Read more

Rilis Elive 1.9.60 (Unstable)

Versi pengembangan terbaru Elive, live CD yang menampilkan window manager Enlightment 17 yang sudah dikustomisasi dan dibangun diatas Debian stable telah dirilis: The Elive Team is proud to announce the release of the development version 1.9.60. We are very close to the next stable version of Elive 2.0. These are the last development versions coming … Read more

Rilis KNOPPIX 6.2

Klaus Knopper merilis KNOPPIX 6.2, versi terbaru dari distro Live CD / DVD populer yang berbasis Debian dengan LXDE sebagai desktop default : The current version 6.2 has been completely updated from Debian ‘Lenny’, ‘Testing’ and ‘Unstable’, and uses kernel and X.Org 7.4. Microknoppix is a complete rewrite of the KNOPPIX boot system from … Read more