Rilis xPUD 0.9.5

Chen Ping-Hsun mengumumkan ketersediaan build pengembangan xPUD 0.9.5, distribusi minimalis dengan antarmuka khusus yang didesain utamanya untuk kiosks dan netbook:

xPUDxPUD 0.9.5 – this is a technical preview release which only suits developers. New features – Ubuntu 10.10 base and Linux kernel, along with an updated build system. Starting with this version we launch a new project called TableWare, a web-based window manager, which replaced the old XPCOM/MozPlugger implementation with following software components: new NPAPI plugin, new XCB-based window manager, Node.js and WebSocket support, new daemon with inotify and D-Bus support, new WebKit-based runtime. So the fun starts here! How cool will it be if you can write a window manager using CSS/HTML and JavaScript in 297 lines of code?

Anda dapat membaca pengumuman rilis yang termasuk beberapa tangkapan layar.


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