Rilis Ubuntu Privacy Remix 9.04r4

Mark Preetorius mengumumkan rilis update terbaru dari Ubuntu Privacy Remix 9.04, varian tidak resmi Ubuntu yang bertujuan menyediakan lingkunagn kerja terisolasi untuk melindungi data dari penyalahgunaan akses:

Ubuntu Privacy RemixThe Ubuntu Privacy Remix team has published the fourth stable release of Ubuntu Privacy Remix. All software packages, including the kernel, were updated to their newest versions to close security holes and fix bugs. This will be the last version of Ubuntu Privacy Remix 9.04, a release candidate of its successor, version 10.04, is already available. Due to space constraints, Firefox (which was only good for viewing HTML files anyway) had to be replaced with Midori.

Kunjungi home page untuk membaca pengumuman rilis singkat.


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