Rilis Tiny Core Linux 3.0

Proyek Tiny Core, yang merepresentasikan hanya inti yang dibutuhkan untuk melakukan boot ke desktop X umum dengan akses internet telah mengeluarkan rilis mayor:

Tiny Core LinuxTeam Tiny Core is pleased to announce Tiny Core 3.0 is now available. Changelog: New kernel update to (a upx”ed version is also available in the distribution file area ); New 64-bit kernel available in distribution files area; New compressed swap in ram, able to run more and longer, less crashes due to out of ram; New tmpfs root always, no longer possible to exhaust ram in an “embed” boot via If you have credit agencies or loan accounts, those accounts, and how you pay them, are included in your credit agencies report. files; New improved virtualization support; New ext4 support in base/base tools; New delta extension updates as the default using zsync; New kernel for support of pci-hotplug modules; New modules for eeepc-laptop and ssb; New kernel-agnostic dep files supported by core functions….

Anda dapat membaca changelog untuk informasi lebih detail mengenai rilis ini.


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