Rilis SystemRescueCD 1.3.2

Fran├žois Dupoux merilis versi update SystemRescueCd, Live CD berbasis Gentoo ini didesain sebagai tool untuk membantu menyelesaikan pekerjaan administrasi sistem, seperti menyelamatkan data setelah terjadi crash atau membuat dan mengedit partisi harddisk.

Kutipan dari changelog:

Updated the standard kernels to Linux kernel with Btrfs update from 2.6.32; updated the alternative kernels to Linux kernel; updated DMRAID to 1.0.0-rc16 and mdadm to 3.0.2 (hardware and software RAID); updated LVM to 2.02.51 (Logical Volume Manager version 2); updated xorg-server to version (graphical server and drivers); support for framebuffer video in the standard kernels (boot option ‘vga=xxx’); replaced Xvesafb with Xfbdev (run ‘wizard’ to use this graphical mode); updated GParted to 0.4.8 (graphical partitioning tool); added Super Grub Disk 1.21 (includes GRUB 1.96).

Unduh: systemrescuecd-x86-1.3.2.iso (238MB, MD5).

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