Rilis Superb Mini Server 1.5.4

Superb Mini Server (SMS) versi 1.5.4 telah dirlis, distribusi mini berbasis Slackware yang ditujukan untuk penggunaan server skala kecil:

Superb Mini ServerSuperb Mini Server version 1.5.4 released (Linux kernel This release brings new kernel and glibc so you need to put your machine in single-user mode in order to upgrade from previous versions of SMS. New packages include gdk-pixbuf2, ca-certificates, slacktrack, libmpc, libnl, libelf and mcelog. In SMS.Native.CD-Extra added httpd_vm, a version of httpd compiled for virtualmin with –with-suexec-docroot=/home and Ruby 1.8.7 for compatibility issues with many Ruby on Rails applications. Also on SMS64 added 64-bit packages for Asterisk, util-linux-ng with full PAM support and Postfix with vda patch which already existed in SMS.

Anda dapat membaca pengumuaman rilis yang juga berisi changelog paket yang diupdate.


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