Rilis Super OS 10.04

Super OS 10.04, merupakan distribusi berbasis Ubuntu yang ditingkatkan dengan berbagai fitur ramah pengguna dan aplikasi tambahan, telah dirilis:

Super OSHere is the new Super OS 10.04, based on Ubuntu 10.04.1. Details: the much awaited 64-bit edition is now available, and it includes ia32 libraries to improve compatibility with 32-bit applications; Wubi was re-introduced after a brief absence in Super OS 9.10; the included cd2usb is now 100% mouse-driven, no more CLI-style interfaces; Java was replaced with OpenJDK; most software updated – Firefox 3.6.8, Google Chrome 6, Opera 10.61; KDE and some Qt libraries previously included were removed to free up some space; Moonlight removed due to a bug in the Ubuntu packages.

Anda dapat membaca pengumuman rilis dan catatan rilis untuk daftar lengkap perbedaan antara Ubuntu dengan SuperOS.

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