Rilis Sabayon Linux 5.2 “CoreCD”

Mitch Harder mengumumkan rilis edisi “CoreCD” Sabayon Linux 5.2, distro minimalis yang didesain untuk memberikan dasar untuk mengembangkan distro dengan instalasi yang sudah dikustomisasi sesuai dengan kebutuhan spesifik pengguna

Sabayon Linux x86/x86-64 5.2 CoreCD. Features: bootable image suitable for a CD or USB thumb drive (350 – 400 MB); text-based installer; basic default networking; Entropy and Portage-ready (giving access to thousands of installable packages); based on new GCC 4.4.1 and glibc 2.10; shipped with desktop-optimized Linux kernel 2.6.33; providing extra server-optimized and OpenVZ-enabled kernels in repositories; quick installation. The CoreCD release is targeted at advanced users who want to take full control of the features and packages installed on their system.

Untuk informasi lebih detail mengenai rilis ini, anda bisa membaca pengumuman rilis.


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