Rilis Pengembangan Chakra Crush

Phil Miller mengumumkan ketersediaaan versi pengembangan dari Chakra, distribusi LiveCD berbasis Arch Linux ini hadir dengan KDE versi terbaru dan installer grafis:

Today we are pleased to announce a development release named ‘Crush’ of our very own Chakra live media. It comes only as minimal edition this time due to minimal changes. I added our Chakra Tools from Git to test them out on the live media. It’s a hybrid ISO as usual. Most noticeable changes and additions since ‘Fuzzy’: Linux kernel + fglrx patch, updated KDE 4.3.2 packages, updated Tribe, Catalyst 9.10 + utilities, updated NVIDIA 190.x drivers, vesa mode test option.

Anda bisa membaca pengumuman rilis untuk informasi lebih lanjut termasuk kebutuhan minimum sistem dan taut unduhan.

Image CD tersedia dari :

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