Rilis Pengembangan Chakra Alpha 4

Phil Miller mengumumkan ketersediaan versi alpha keempat Chakra, distribusi linux desktop dalam LiveCD dengan KDE 4 berbasis Arch Linux:

Today we are pleased to announce the release of alpha 4, named ‘NewAge’, of our very own Chakra live media. A lot has changed since alpha 3. We have a new KDE 4 theme; Tribe can install custom mount points, and we did a ton of fixes. KDEmod got updated to version 4.3.3. Chakra hardware detection got stripped down to fit X.Org Server package, so only NVIDIA drivers are the supported proprietary drivers for now. Most noticeable changes and additions since alpha 3: Linux kernel with fglrx patch; Chakra tools updated (aqpm, shaman, chase); ATI Catalyst support temporarily dropped….

“Anda bisa membaca Pengumuman Rilis untuk informasi detail mengenai rilis ini.

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