Rilis PC/OS 2009.3

pcosRoberto J. Dohnert mengumumkan rilis PC/OS 2009.3, distribusi linux desktop berbasis xubuntu: “PC/OS 2009.3 has been released to the general public. This release fixes many of the hardware issues that users had with PC/OS 2009v2 series. With this release we went ahead and installed all updates so all security updates since PC/OS maintenance pack 3 have been applied. The changes to PC/OS 2009.3 application wise are common across all releases except that Xfce 4.6 was not included in WebStation due to some issues that are being explored right now on some models of netbooks. 3.1, Pidgin 2.5.8, Firefox 3.0.12, Mozilla Thunderbird and many more application updates have been applied.” Baca Pengumuman Rilis untuk informasi lebih lanjut. Unduh: pc-os-ow20093.iso (1,613MB, MD5).

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