Rilis PC/OS 10.1 Beta 2

Roberto Dohnert telah merilis build Beta kedua PC/OS 10.1 “OpenWorkstation”, distribusi Linux desktop berbasis Xubuntu:

PC/OSWe have released beta 2 of PC/OS 10.1. With this release we have updated to the Ubuntu 9.10 base. We have removed Xsplash and GDM 2.28 and went to GDM 2.20; this is until GDM 2.28 has its many bugs fixed and becomes more stable. The beta has a better install success rate; we had some complaints on beta 1 where install was hit or miss. Inconsistent icons have been fixed. Broadcom drivers have been included. Firefox 3.5.8 has been included; users and customers have stated that they like Firefox with OpenWorkstation since Moonlight and other plugins work better with Firefox vs Google Chrome. Most Ubuntu branding has been removed for more consistency.

Anda dapat membaca pengumuman rilis untuk catatan tambahan dan daftar masalah yang telah diketahui.


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