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Rilis PC-BSD 9.0-BETA1.5

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Kris Moore mengumumkan ketersediaan update rilis pengembangan PC-BSD 9.0:

PC-BSDPC-BSD 9.0-BETA1.5 is now available. Users already running BETA1 may update to BETA1.5 via the system-updater GUI on the taskbar. Notable changes in this release: enable hplip scanner support; fixed bug removing PBIs sometimes leaving some file leftovers; auto-create npflashplugin wrappers at system install; improved Fluxbox and IceWM with ‘idesk’ support for desktop icons; fixed running the display wizard from the Control Panel; fixed AppCafe crash when removing last PBI or download; fixed detection of running WM for Control Panel icons; fixed life-preserver to use non-standard port 22 when specified; add default GTK+ theme; update NVIDIA driver to 280.13.

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