Rilis Parted Magic 4.9

Patrick Verner telah mengumumkan rilis Parted Magic 4.9, distribusi Live CD/USB minimalis berbasis Linux dengan berbagai macam koleksi utiliti partisi hard disk dan penyelamatan data :

Parted Magic 4.9. Although this is mostly a bug-fix release, some other major changes were made. People didn’t like that we were using Chrome, so we switched to Chromium. All the old IDE drivers were removed from the kernel and only the new framework is used now. The major difference most people will notice is that devices that used to be labeled /dev/hd* will now be /dev/sd* and all CDROMs will be /dev/sr*. Three new programs were added – mhdd, elinks, and zsync. Some changes were made to the kernel configuration and initramfs so Virtio hard disks could be used to boot Parted Magic. The fstab daemon was also fixed to support Virtio hard disks. Many other small fixes were made to the network scripts and the system in general.

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