Rilis Monomaxos 6.0

Dimitris Papadatos mengumumkan rilis Monomaxos 6.0, distribusi berbasis Ubuntu dalam bahasa Yunani, yang memiliki dukungan langsung untuk format multimedia populer dan perbaikan keramahgunaan lainnya:

MonomaxosMonomaxos Greek Linux operating system 2011 version 6.0 (based on Ubuntu 11.04). This is the sixth release of Monomaxos localized in the Greek language that comes as a live DVD. It supports playback of every kind of multimedia material (including HD video) and any kind of Internet content out of the box. It can also be used for setting up a standalone media center. It contains LibreOffice 3.3 in the Greek language with enabled functional spell check. In this release a local Monomaxos repository is used; it includes software chosen by the fans of the project and all the latest ATI and NVIDIA graphic cards drivers.

Anda dapat mengunjungi home page dalam Bahasa Inggris untuk membaca pengumuman rilis lengkap.

Anda dapat mengunduh image live DVD eisi Bahasa Inggris dan Yunani dari:

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