Rilis Macpup Opera 061

Johnny Lee mengumumkan ketersediaan rilis pengembangan Macpup Opera, versi 061, distribusi Linux berbasis Puppy yang menampilkan desktop Enlightenment 17 terbaru:

Macpup Opera 061 is based on Ttuuxxx’s 4.2v2 ‘Deeper thought’ (, a ‘no Bling’ version of Puppy Linux 4.2 with all of the current updates. It has D-Bus 1.2.4 compiled and installed from source and the Enlightenment 17 desktop version 0.16.999.061 compiled and installed from source with the updated version of librsvg 2.26.0. Opera 061 includes lots of the e17 extra modules like Flame, Rain, Snow and Penguins, and lots of extra shelf modules like Net, Tclock, Moon. Some of the shelf modules like CPU and Weather are unstable and may crash. Also included is the Opera 9.64 browser. GIMP 2.4.6 Xvidcap and Avidemux are included as .pets.

Anda dapat mengunjungi home page proyek untuk membaca pengumuman rilis.


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