Rilis Lunar Linux 1.6.5 RC1

Stefan Wold mengumumkan ketersediaan kandidat rilis pertama Lunar Linux 1.6.5, distribusi yang dikembangkan dari awal yang didesain untuk pengguna Linux mahir:

Lunar LinuxThe Lunar team proudly announces the release of Lunar Linux 1.6.5-rc1 codename ‘Mare Ingenii’. This project is still alive and we don’t intend to change that. While news and updates on our main site may have been next to nil we assure you that the wheels have been turning behind the scenes. The Lunar team has been busy keeping the modules up to date. New features in 1.6.5: based on Linux kernel and glibc 2.11.2; added support for ext4 file system; added option to change preferred /etc/fstab style; UUID, LABEL or device name; OpenSSH and Screen are now part of the live CD to allow remote assistance during install.

Anda dapat membaca pengumuman rilis untuk detail lebih lanjut mengenai rilis ini.


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