Rilis Kororaa 15

Chris Smart mengumumkan rilis Kororaa 15, distribusi berbasis Fedora dengan desktop GNOME dan KDE dan berbaia perbaikan keramah penggunaan lainnya:

Kororaa Linux
Kororaa 15 has been released and is available for download, in 32-bit and 64-bit variants with KDE 4.6 and GNOME 3. This release includes Ubuntu’s Jockey Device Driver manager, which has replaced the Add/Remove Extras script for configuring third-party drivers. Kororaa 15 comes with an RPM meta-package to install and configure Adobe Flash. Users still on Kororaa 14 may wish to upgrade to 15 and should do so via a new install. Users who wish to stay with GNOME 2.x should not upgrade to 15, as it comes with GNOME 3. The KDE desktop has a custom layout with specific default applications, such as Firefox for the web and VLC for media.

Anda dapat membaca pengumuman rilis untuk daftar lengkap perubahan utama dan juga beberapa tangkapan layar.

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