Rilis KNOPPIX 6.4.3

Klaus Knopper mengumumkan rilis KNOPPIX 6.4.3, distribusi Live populer berbasis Debian dalam bentuk CD/DVD (menyajikan desktop ringan LXDE) yang baru saja merayakan ulang tahun ke 10:

KNOPPIXThe anniversary edition of KNOPPIX is now available as a DVD and CD image. New features in this release: The current version has been completely updated from Debian ‘Lenny’, ‘Testing’ and ‘Unstable’ and uses Linux kernel, X.Org 7.5 for supporting current computer hardware; experimental free nouveau graphics modules supporting NVIDIA cards; accelerated graphics via kernel mode settings (KMS); replaced by LibreOffice 3.3.0; Process Control Group support for terminal shells.

Anda dapat membaca catatan rilis untuk daftar fitur baru, isu yang telah diketahui dan opsi boot.

Unduh image CD / DVD dari:

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