Rilis Igelle 1.0.0

Markku Kero mengumumkan rilis Igelle 1.0.0, distribusi Linux desktop independen yang menampilkan desktop, manajemen paket dan karakteristik unik lain yang unik:

IgelleWe are happy to announce the release and immediate availability of a distinct flavor of Igelle, Igelle DSV 1.0.0 for personal computer desktops. Igelle DSV provides a general-purpose desktop operating system for desktop computers, laptops, netbooks and the like, and is in this release made available to personal computers using Intel-compatible processors (x86). In summary, this release is characterized by the following: pleasurable and simple end-user experience; small, fast, light and powerful; introducing the Esther desktop; innovative system and package management; easy application installation and packaging; integrated developer tools; cutting-edge open-source technology.

Untuk informasi detail mengenai rilis ini, anda bisa membaca pengumuman rilis.

Unduh Live CD yang dapat diinstal dari:

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