Rilis Fusion Linux 14 RC

Valent Turkovic mengumumkan ketersediaan kandidat rilis Fusion Linux 14, distribusi berbasis Fedora untuk desktop:

Fusion LinuxFusion 14 release candidate is out in the wild and ready for you. This version should be quite stable, all major bugs from the beta version have been fixed. This is first release of Fusion Linux that includes TeamViewer and Skype out of the box. Some of the other new features: GIMP 2.7 development version with single-window mode; Firefox 4.0 beta; F-Spot instead of Shotwell; Xournal – a great application for drawing and PDF annotation; K3b for CD/DVD/Blu-ray burning; Thunderbird instead of Evolution; PlayOnLinux – easily install Windows games and applications; a better selection of games; Giver – easy file sharing on local network; Gwibber – Twitter and social network client; Tomboy instead of GNote for quick note taking….

Detail lebih lanjut dapat anda baca di pengumuman rilis.


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