Rilis Frugalware Linux 1.3

Miklós Vajna mengumumkan rilis Frugalware Linux 1.3, sebuah distribusi generik yang didesain untuk pengguna linux menengah dan mahir:

Frugalware LinuxThe Frugalware developer team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Frugalware 1.3, our thirteenth stable release. No new features have been added since 1.3rc2, but 94 changes have been made to fix minor bugs. If you didn’t follow the changes during the pre/rc releases, here are the most important changes since 1.1: updated packages: Linux kernel 2.6.35, X.Org server 1.8, GNOME 2.30, KDE 4.4.5 to name a few major components; for the first time we’re offering an official graphical ‘netinstall’ image; this time we’ve verified that no workaround is needed to install this release in VMware; the monolithic configuration of X.Org is now split to the xorg.conf.d directory; updated image libraries….

Anda dapat membaca pengumuman rilis untuk detail lebih lanjut mengenai rilis ini. Unduh:

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