Rilis Elastix 2.0

Setelah melalui 6 kandidat rilis, Rafael Bonifaz mengumumkan ketersediaan Elastix 2.0, distribusi Linux berbasis CentOS yang mengintegrasikan piranti terbaik untuk Private Branch Exchanges (PBX) berbasis Asterisk menjadi sebuah kesatuan yang mudah digunakan:

ElastixElastix 2.0 includes many suggestions received from our users as well as many new ideas around Unified Communications. The ability to extend new functionalities through add-ons will allow Elastix to adapt to the requirements of broad scenarios, while at the same time enabling the integration with third party applications. There are lots of new functionalities included in this release. We will highlight the most relevant in this article: renovated dashboard, add-ons, Elastix operator panel, Elastix conference room, mail module improvements, web-based faxing, DHCP module improvements, automatic backups, and agenda module improvements.

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