Rilis DEFT Linux 6 RC

Stefano Fratepietro mengumumkan ketersediaan kandidat rilis DEFT Linux 6, sebuah distribusi berbasis Ubuntu dalam bentuk live CD yang berisi toolkit foreksik dan pencarian bukti digital:

DEFT LinuxI’m happy to announce that DEFT 6 release candidate is out. Here are the main new features of DEFT 6: LXDE desktop, Linux kernel 2.6.35, DEFT Extra 3 (Windows side), Sleuth Kit 3.2.0, Autopsy 2.24, Digital Forensic Framework (DFF) 0.8, Xplico 0.6.1, DHash 2.0.1, Guymager 0.5.7, Hunchbacked 4most 0.6, Log2timeline 0.50, Foremost, Scalpel and Photorec file carver; USB 3 ready; full integration using Wine for running Windows forensic tools under linux; full support for Intel Mac OS X systems; full support for most common file systems; full support for logical volume manager; full support for afflib and ewflib.

Anda dapat membaca informasi lebih detail di pengumuman rilis.


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