Rilis DEFT Linux 5

Stefano Fratepietro mengumumkan rilis DEFT Linux 5, distribusi berbasis Xubuntu, dengan kumpulan aplikasi open source untuk menghadapi insiden keamanan dan juga forensik komputer.

DEFT Linux 5 is based on the new Xubuntu kernel 2.6.31 and DEFT Extra 2.0 (computer forensic GUI) with the best freeware computer forensic tools. It isn’t a customized Xubuntu like the previous version, it is a new concept of computer forensic live system that use LXDE as the desktop environment and Thunar as the file manager. Other features: an advanced file and directory search tool; Foremost, Scalpel and PhotoRec carving tools; complete support for most file systems; support for Logical Volume Manager; powerful tools for network forensic, such as Xplico, Wireshark, Kismet, Ettercap and Nmap….

Untuk informasi lebih lanjut anda bisa membaca pengumuman rilis . Unduh: deftv5.iso (667MB, MD5).

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