Rilis Chakra GNU/Linux Phoix

Phil Miller mengumumkan rilis Chakra GNU/Linux Phoix, distribusi Live CD berbasis Arch Linux yang menyajikan KDE 4. Ini merupakan rilis pertama proyek Chakra yang menggunakan paket yang dikompilasi sendiri dan tidak menggunakan paket yang disediakan oleh Arch Linux. Kutipan dari pengumuman rilis:

Chakra GNU/LinuxThere was a rumor about splitting from Arch Linux. Yes, that is right. I did a big step and continued what Jan Mette started in the dark. During my first week of my vacation I built over 900 packages for our new distribution – Chakra GNU/Linux. I split it into three repositories: core – all the good stuff you need for a simple system; platform – X11 and drivers plus dependencies and applications you need to build KDE; desktop – KDE in all its glory. The initial release of Chakra GNU/Linux is called Phoix and has the following features: Linux kernel with LZMA support, KDEmod 4.4.3, X.Org Server 1.7.6, Catalyst 10.4, NVIDIA 195.


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