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Rilis Chakra GNU/Linux 0.2.2

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Phil Miller mengumumkan rilis Chakra GNU/Linux 0.2.2, distribusi berbasis Arch dalam bentuk Live CD yang menampilkan desktop KDE:

Chakra GNU/LinuxWe did it! Now with our new page layout and CCR open for public we also have 0.2.2 ready – our second point release of ‘Jaz’. This time tribe got a rework to fix bugs we found during last week. We improved CInstall to handle packages and bundles better. Packer will build packages from our community repository now. Your all welcome to add your packages there – we might add them to our binary repositories. Some users reported some issues with VLC and MPlayer. Those are gone now. NVIDIA and ATI drivers got updated and hardware-detection-scripts will find them properly now.

Untuk informasi detail mengenai rilis ini dapat anda baca pada pengumuman rilis.


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