Rilis CDlinux 0.9.7

Ben Zhao mengumumkan rilis CDlinux 0.9.7, compact mini live CD yang menampilkan desktop Xfce dan hanya menyertakan beberapa aplikasi populer:

CDlinuxThis is a development release, built with GCC 4.6 toolchain. In fact, every bit in 0.9.7 was rebuilt from scratch and almost all components were upgraded to their latest stable versions. Major user noticeable changes in 0.9.7 are: Squashfs 4 – 0.9.7 now uses the new Squashfs 4 file system (if you want to convert your Squashfs 3 .md files to Squashfs 4 please use ‘unsquashfs3’ and ‘mksquashfs’; hybrid ISO image – you can ‘dd’ the 0.9.7 ISO image onto a USB stick and boot from it; Amount – CDlinux’ own hotplug solution to replace HAL/udisks. The package upgrade list is huge, some major ones: Linux kernel 3.1, glibc 2.14.1, GCC 4.6.2, X.Org Server 1.11.2, Firefox 8.0.

Anda dapat mengunjungi halaman berita proyek untuk membaca keseluruhan pengumuman rilis.

Unduh image live CD terkompresi dari:

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