Rilis Calculate Linux 11.9

Alexander Tratsevskiy mengumumkan rilis Calculate Linux 11.9, distribusi Linux berbasis Gentoo yang didesain sebagai distri generik:

Calculate LinuxCalculate Linux 11.9 has been released. Major changes: Calculate Linux now has a new flavor – Calculate Media Center; local user profiles will be updated in a new way – changes will be made only when programs are installed; installation on a soft RAID partition and LVM partition supported; support added for Btrfs and NILFS2 and we’ve fixed the problem with installing on JFS; ext4 comes as the default file system at install; single-user installation mode added to allow login without entering the password….

Anda dapat membaca pengumuman rilis untuk daftaer lengkap perubahan utama.

Unduh edisi KDE (CLD) dan GNOME (CLDG):

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