Rilis ArchBang Linux 2011.10

Willensky Aristide mengumumkan rilis ArchBang Linux 2011.10, distribusi Linux desktop berbasis Arch Linux yang menampilkan window manager ringan openBox:

ArchBang LinuxArchBang 2011.10 is out in the wild. You don’t need it if you already have ArchBang running smoothly on your system. It’s basically 2011.10 RC2 with the following changes: updated DOC; urxvt scrollbar color adjusted; Jumanji replaced by Firefox Nightly; icons in the applications menu; clarity icon theme instead of GNOME; 2 pixels top desktop margin so you can right-click on the desktop even when a window is maximized; you can edit keyboard layout configuration while installing ArchBang. Note: NetworkManager was updated today so you can remove it from ‘autostart’ once you update it since it will launch the applet automatically.

Anda dapat membaca pengumuman rilis yang disertai dengan tangkapan layar.

Unduh(MD5) image live CD dari SourceForge:

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