Rilis ArchBang Linux 2011.01

Willensky Aristide mengumumkan rilis ArchBang Linux 2011.01, distribusi ringan yang menampilkan window manager Openbox yang berbasis Arch Linux. Beberapa fitur yang ada dirilis ini diantaranya:

ArchBang LinuxLighter than before; new look; login as root works after installation; still a text-based installer but fully functional; documentation included; source files available in the download section; coming with X.Org video drivers for maximum compatibility; we are taking advantage of Openbox’s tiling window functions. Once you have installed ArchBang, if you want Thunar to detect all your partitions, install gvfs by typing in the terminal ‘packer -S gvfs’.

Anda dapat membaca pengumuman rilis singkat dengan tangkapan layar desktop default. Unduh (MD5) image live CD dari:

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