Rilis ArchBang Linux 2010.09

Willensky Aristide mengumumkan rilis ArchBang Linux 2010.09, varian Arch Linux yang menampilkan Openbox sebagai window manager default dan kumpulan aplikasi ringan terpilih:

ArchBang LinuxArchBang Linux 2010.09 ‘RELOADED’ is out. It’s entitled ‘RELOADED’ because we went back to our original combination (ArchBang = Arch Linux + Openbox). The 64-bit edition is the only one available at this time but by the end of the week the 32-bit edition should be available as well. Changes: no more LXDE; removed xdg-menu for dmenu (dynamic menu); Thunar is back and PCMan File Manager is out; new theme; just VLC for your media needs (removed Exaile and GNOME MPlayer); added GIMP; Xfburn instead of Graveman; Gnumeric added; Evince instead of Xpdf; places pipe-menu; Linux kernel version

Untuk informasi lebih detail, anda dapat mengunjungi home page proyek untuk membaca pengumuman rilis.

Unduh (untuk saat ini baru tersedia edisi 64 bit):

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