Rilis Absolute Linux 13.1.1

Paul Sherman mengumumkan rilis Absolute Linux 13.1.1, distribusi ringan berbasis Slackware dengan dekstop IceWM:

Absolute LinuxAbsolute 13.1.1 released. New kernel and a boatload of updates from Slackware. Almost replaced Firefox with Google Chrome (which I really like) but due to an endless ‘upload’ bug that keeps crashing Chrome when you try to upload a file, it’ll be in the CD2 directory for testing/playing. The 13.1.0 release was a naming snafu as it pre-dated Slackware’s update. This release (13.1.1) incorporates Slackware 13.1 as well as several re-compiled packages on Absolute and a couple of scripting changes. Some add-ons in the CD2 directory of the FTP sites (Google Chrome and Picasa for example), gmail-notify added and incorporated into email notification setup as an option. Add/Remove programs (PERL script) updated.

Ada pengumuman rilis singkat di halaman home page proyek dan detail di forum.

Unduh (MD5):

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