Greenie Linux 8M

Stanislav Hoferek mengumumkan rilis Greenie Linux 8M, distribusi desktop berbasis Ubuntu yang dioptimisasi untuk pengguna bahasa Slovakia dan Ceko:

Greenie LinuxOne month after the release of Ubuntu 10.10, a new release of Greenie has arrived. What is new? From this point on, Greenie Linux is primarily a DVD, as it is no longer possible to fit it onto a CD. Among the more interesting programs included in the release are Google Chromium, GIMP, Pidgin, VLC, Moovida, Pingus, WINE, OpenTTD and many other applications and games. Greenie Center was re-built, new theme (Deepin) is used. Work from inside VirtualBox is much better, documentation was updated a bit and there is also better support for languages other than Slovak and Czech.

Untuk informasi lebih detail, anda dapat membaca pengumuman rilis (sebagian besar ditulis dalam bahasa slovakia dan ada versi singkat bahasa Inggris dibagian bawah).

Unduh image live DVD dari:

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