Download Netrunner 4.0

Clemens Toennies mengumumkan rilis Netrunner 4.0, distribusi Linux desktop berbasis Kubuntu yang menampilkan desktop KDE yang sudah ditune dan aplikasi KDE serta GNOME yang terintegrasi:

NetrunnerJust 24 hours after RC came out, we officially release Netrunner 4.0 ‘Dryland’ into the open. Dryland comes with quite a lot of changes regarding the look and features: built on Kubuntu with default integration of GNOME and WINE; one system for new users and power users; full suite of user workspace applications; KDE’s Plasmoids make the system expandable; Linux kernel 3.0.0, KDE 4.7.3 desktop, LibreOffice 3.4.4 office suite, Mozilla Firefox 7.0.1 web browser, Mozilla Thunderbird 7.0.1 email client and calendar, VLC 1.1.12 media player; Clementine 0.7.1 music librarian….

Untuk informasi lebih detail, anda dapat membaca pengumuman rilis dan mengunjungi detail halaman fitur.

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