Download Mageia 2 Alpha 2

Patricia Fraser mengumumkan ketersediaan build alpha kedua Mageia 2:

MageiaHere’s the next milestone on the way to Mageia 2 – alpha 2 ISO images are ready for download. Major new features: ships with the latest stable release of the kernel 3.1 with support for improved virtualisation with Xen native support, improved performances and new subsystem such as a new iSCSI stack or NFC, and better security with the Tomoyo framework; latest stable glibc 2.14.1; Systemd for booting; with KDE 4.7.4 with the target of reaching 4.8.x for final release; GNOME 3.3.3 with the target of reaching 3.4.x for final release; up-to-date LXDE packages, including PCManFM 0.0.10; Sugar 0.95 is in the repository….

Anda dapat membaca pengumuman rilis dan catatan rilis untuk informasi tambahan mengenai rilis ini.

Apabila anda tertarik untuk mencoba, dapat mengunduh image DVD instalasi dari:

Imabe Live CD dengan desktop KDE atau GNOME untuk kedua arsitektur juga tersedia untuk diunduh

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