Download Grml 2011.12

Ulrich Dangel mengumumkan rilis Grml 2011.12, distribusi Linux dalam bentuk Live CD berbasis Debian yang berisi koleksi piranti lunak dan skrip GNU/Linux untuk administrator sistem:

GrmlWe have just released Grml 2011.12 ‘Knecht Rootrecht’, just in time to put it under the Christmas tree. There were quite a lot of changes between RC1 and the new stable release. The most important ones are: update to Linux kernel 3.1.6; easier remastering with grml-live and existing Grml ISO images; new GRUB boot theme; syslinux will indicate its boot menu with one beep; GRUB will indicate its boot menu with three beeps; enable all mixer controls at start-up and set volume to 75%; reworked and more flexible GRUB configuration file handling; grml2usb – use the GRUB configuration from the ISO image instead of creating a new one; additional key bindings for Fluxbox; fix keyboard layout bug.

Anda dapat membaca pengumuman rilis dan catatan rilis untuk daftar lengkap perubahan dan fitur baru pada rilis ini.


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