Download blackPanther OS 11.1

Charles Barcza mengumumkan rilis blackPanther OS 11.1, distribusi Hungaria berbasis Mandriva yang didesain untuk digunakan di rumah, sekolah dan kantor :

blackPanther OSCharles Barcza from the blackPanther OS developer team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of blackPanther OS 11.1 ‘Darkness’. Here are some of the major improvements, fixes and updates since beta: 10 official repositories with up to 10,000 packages are available; Firefox 6.x and XULRunner with NSS, NSP and dependent packages; the install / live disc includes GIMP again (version 2.7.3); fixed all reported bugs.

Anda dapat membaca pengumuman rilis dengan beberapa tangkapan layar (juga tersedia pengumuman rilis dalam bahasa hungaria).

Unduh image CD Live dari:

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