Download Absolute Linux 14.0

Paul Sherman mengumumkan rilis Absolute Linux 14.0, sebuah versi mayor baru distribusi desktop ringan berbasis Slackware Linuxdan menampilkan window manager IceWM:

Absolute LinuxAbsolute Linux 14.0 released. Coincides with the Slackware 14.0 release, keeping in step with libraries, toolchain and basic applications. Absolute has moved away from udisks to use the lighter SpaceFM file manager, which takes advantage of native kernel polling. So as always, Absolute will run fast on modest hardware. NetworkManager is taking care of Internet connections by default. Java and multimedia add-ons need to be installed (via system tools, as root) post-installation. Chrome browser is now the default (taking the place of chromium and/or Firefox). I distribute the browser with several plugins and the Chrome browser comes with a more up-to-date Flash release than what is available as a generic plugin for Linux machines.

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