Rilis Ubuntu Studio 9.10 Karmic Koala

Ubuntu Studio 9.10, sub proyek Ubuntu yang menyajikan kernel real-time dan beragam aplikasi audio, video, dan editor gambar telah dirilis:

The Ubuntu Studio team is proud to announce its sixth release: Ubuntu Studio 9.10 ‘Karmic Koala’. With this release, which you can download in a 1.4 GB DVD, Ubuntu Studio offers a pre-made selection of packages, targeted at audio producers, video producers and graphic designers. Ubuntu Studio greatly simplifies the Linux-based multimedia workstation. Features: official upstream real-time kernel; font meta package added to the graphics meta, which installs hundreds of free fonts; Xwax and a2jmidid packaged and added to the audio meta-package; Xjadeo added to the video meta; Firewire libraries are now upgraded to 2.0….

Anda bisa membaca Catatan Rilis Untuk informasi lebih detil.

Unduh (MD5):

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